Front fork rebuild

DR350 Rebuild #10

If we've already rebuild the DR rear shock than there's nothing else to do than to check and rebuild the front forks too. It should be more easy than the rear shock rebuild. So without further ado let's make the DR front forks great again.

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How to lower a motorcycle? A DR350 case study

Ever wanted to ride that tall enduro, but when you climbed it you had to tiptoe? Or maybe you couldn't touch ground at all? Or maybe you already have one hell of a tall bike, but you don't feel like you're 100% in control of situation off the road as you can't prop up yourself almost... nowhere? High five! My story is similar.

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How to get rid of difficulty finding neutral gear, dragging clutch and jammed gearbox at once

DR350 Rebuild #9

Some riders say that the difficulty finding neutral gear, the dragging clutch or jammed gearbox is just a quirk of this or that motorcycle model. But we are too lazy to accept these riding discomforts and deal with them every riding day, so we are simply fixing them out of DR350 today

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Rear shock rebuild

DR350 Rebuild #8

This time we will take care of one of the, I think, most NOT recommended to do on your own procedures. But who doesn’t like some challenge! Let’s start unscrewing and see how it goes :)

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No fuel: Diagnosing and repairing carburetor problems

DR350 Rebuild #7

Today on our operating tables lands the DR350 carburetor. When the spark works fine, but the bike won’t run anyway, before halving the engine in despair, it’s good to first check if there is a proper fuel flow. So we will check if the carburetor is clean and assembled correctly. Let’s go! :)

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No spark issue : How (not) to test the CDI unit

DR350 Rebuild #6

We hope that with the post series about DR electrical system testing you grew fond of the resistance measurements, because today we will preform more than 70 of them! We will check the CDI unit.

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