Started 15 September 2019

Ended 5 October 2019

Total distance 3812 km

This was our third visit in Montenegro at all, but the first trip, when we wanted to give all our time to this beautiful country.

It was also the first long distance trip for us on separate bikes - Suzuki DR350 and Honda XR400. Before we were always riding both on a single Africa Twin 750, on which Dawid was the rider.

montenegro 2019 route map
montenegro 2019 route map

In total the journey took us 21 days.

We hadn't shipped the bikes. We started the trip in western Poland. From there rode down Czechia, Austria, Hungary and whole Serbia to first reach Zabljak, lying at the feet of the Montenegro's Durmitor mountains. From there are our Montenegro adventure begun! :)

The weather during the whole trip wasn't always pampering and showed us often that the summer is definitely ending. But with appropriate clothes to hide from the coldness and appropriate micro-planning we managed to run away from the darkest clouds and enjoy also the more vivid side of autumn in Montenegro, when the grass on mountain slopes shimmer with gold in the sun and the trees turn into a colorful mosaic of intense yellow, red and green.

But even when the weather was more capricious and showered us with rain, hiding the landscape's contours in the more or less dense fogs, creeping around - the views were odd, mysterious, but all the same picturesque.

During the whole trip we, of course, couldn't manage to visit all the worth to see places in Montenegro, duh. But we've ridden quite a bit!

We've tried ourselves on Montenegro part of Trans Euro Trail, starting from Albania border. We visited Canyon of Tara, Nedajno Canyon and Breat Canyon. We took 2 days off from the bikes saddles to try Durmitor mountain range trails to Bobotov Kuk and Savin Kuk to then rest at the beautiful Kotor Bay. We camped around Susicko Lake (Susicko Jezero), hidden in the mountains Rikavacko Lake (Rikavacko Jezero) and Instagram-famous Vrazje Lake (Vrazje Jezero). We rode around the Piva Lake (Pivsko Jezero) and the Skadar Lake (Skadarsko Jezero). Likewise, we also didn't forget to pay a visit in Biogradska Gora National Park, where you can ride offroad in the park, enjoying the beautiful mountain landscapes.

If somebody asked us if it's worth to spent 2 weeks in Montenegro in autumn, on this chilly, capricious weather, we would say it's worth to spend a lot of more time there! :)

Our whole trip story is split to days below. Maps included!

Adventures by day

Montenegro s2019e00 header

Why travelling to target destination on wheels is better than shipping the bike

Motorcycle Trip Montenegro 2019 #0

Have you ever considered if travelling on wheels to the destination spot of your choosing could be better than just packing and shipping the bike?

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1 June 2020
Crossing to Durmitor's Previje pass to Velika Kalica valley

Off the saddle for hiking in Durmitor National Park

Motorcycle Trip Montenegro 2019 #1

The Montenegro mountains are fussy the end of September, but we didn’t let the bad weather scare us off. So we stood our ground and just at the first day of our trip around Montenegro, we decided to …

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7 June 2020
View from Velika Previja on trail to Bobotov Kuk

Climbing Bobotov Kuk - Durmitor highest peak

Motorcycle Trip Montenegro 2019 #2

On the second day of our Montenegro adventure, we decided to top out our last day of hiking in Durmitor on feet with the conquest of Bobotov Kuk, the highest peak of Durmitor mountain range, starting…

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30 August 2020
DR350  near Tara Canyon

Salty and sweet riding to Susicko Jezero via Tara and Sušica canyons

Motorcycle Trip Montenegro 2019 #3

Back in the saddles again on our third day in Montenegro, we checked what makes the salt and where is the sugar on the Salty and Sweet Top Biking Trail along the Tara and Sušica canyons, and... where…

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14 June 2021
DR350 and XR400 in foggy Montenegro mountains

To the Kotor Bay from Durmitor through the big white space

Motorcycle Trip Montenegro 2019 #4

On the fourth day of our trip around Montenegro in September, Durmitor flushed us out from its mountains.

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21 November 2021