Started 28 April 2018

Ended 6 May 2018

Total distance 2902 km

This was our second motorcycle trip to Romania at all, but first in the Spring time – at the beginning of May. In 9 days we’ve ridden to the Romania Transalpina, Transfagarasan, the Bicaz Gorge, as well as the quite underrated  Transrarau and Maramures county, to see those nature gems in the new perspective – still a little covered in snow and not so crowded with tourists.

Motorcycle Trip To Romania May Map
Motorcycle Trip To Romania May Map

Some roads were fully passable, some were not, as sometimes the highest alpine roads are not ready for the drivers even until June or August!

Even if you would pass the road blockades with the motorcycle on your own responsibility (and your own  readiness to pay a ticket), the snow won’t let you go any further ;)

But we were anyway happy and we returned home soaked with awesome sights and wish for more :)

Apart from the unique views, hidden offroad roads and many hike opportunities, the Romanian people are really super friendly. Also if you’re up for camping, even in the wild – you will find lots of spots there to pitch up the tent. We’ve done it in few places without any problem. And even if you’ve already visited Romania, we think it’s worthwhile to come back there and see it in the Spring bloom. This is not the same experience as when going there in the peak of the tourists season.
You can read our trip story day by day below with maps included :)

Adventures by day

sunset at velka frankova

The adventure begins!

Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #1

As we got two days of Poland national holidays extra at the beginning of May, we, the avid creatures, decided to ask for some extra leave at work and tried to get 9 work-free days in a row, just for …

22 May 2020
kvietnica view on tatras

From Slovakia to Arad

Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #2

When we're on an adventure, we usually try to not oversleep it. So we meant to get up at 5 AM not only to roll up our wild camp before any curious human being will appear, but most of all we wan…

22 May 2020
transalpina Beneath Third Dam

Transalpina - up to Obarsia

Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #3

After forcing our way to Romania for the past 2 days, finally the time has come for the first major point of our trip. We were about to ride to and through Parâng Mountains Transalpina!
Althought, as …

23 May 2020
sunrise At Transalpina In Snow

Transalpina... is blocked

Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #4

The day of the battle for Transalpina came as we we’re trying to ride the Transalpina blocked and forbidden part – from Obarsia to Ranca.

23 May 2020
first Bigger Obstacle on Transfagarasan


Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #4

Just after cruising the closed Transalpina, we were about to check out the closed Transfagarasan part the same day.

23 May 2020
Doggy Enjoying The View

Bicaz Gorge

Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #5

We hadn’t had much time left for our Romanian adventure, but we’ve made our minds on the spot. The last time we got into Bicaz Gorge it was quite dark and we were soaking wet from the rain, so we wan…

23 May 2020
View from Transrarau


Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #6

After visitng the Bicaz Gorge, the time has come to slowly draw back home. So we unhurriedly started to crawl to Romania west border on our Africa. But of course we didn’t choose the shortest path an…

24 May 2020