Motorcycle adventure all the way – no matter big or small!

Moto ADVenture at Transalpina at dawn in May

Hi, Adventurer!

We are Dawid and Marta in constant search for an motorcycle adventure. On and off the road. Near and far away. Always when there's any free time we sit and plan another motorcycle travel.

Or we don't plan at all - we just jump into saddles and ride with our small tent to a random place, which seems even a tiny bit adventurous as

adventure is attitude.

When the adventure finally ends (for a while) we go to our amateur workbench and tinker and take care of our motorcycles -
Honda Africa Twin 750 and Yamaha TDR 125.

We're here for sharing.

We share our adventures, adventure plans, adventure maps in hope to help other fellow Adventurers in planning their own  adventures and in hope to exchange experiences and adventure energy.
We know that sometimes it's hard to decide, where to head for the best adventure, when time and the budget can be the limit or you have to muster up the courage to take some road. So we wish our travel diaries will be always inspiring and maybe even give beginning to new adventures, which will not be our own adventures now :)

Similarly, if you also need some motorcycle maintenance how-to or you just like to dive into motorcycle insides and upkeeping details - we share most of our knowledge here to build some useful database for others alike. We wasted lots of our own time on searching the internet to the bottom at our own workbench. Therefore we hope  you will find our little before-the-adventure compendium useful at your own garage.

See you on the road!

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