From Slovakia to Arad

Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #2

When we're on an adventure, we usually try to not oversleep it. So we meant to get up at 5 AM not only to roll up our wild camp before any curious human being will appear, but most of all we wanted to watch some nice sunrise creeping over Tatras. Drink some tea and coffee. Relax while enjoying the view. Make time slow down... But not this time.

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The adventure begins!

Motorcycle Trip to Romania in May 2018 #1

As we got two days of Poland national holidays extra at the beginning of May, we, the avid creatures, decided to ask for some extra leave at work and tried to get 9 work-free days in a row, just for us to go… well, to go somewhere. The decision was so off the cuff we didn’t even have a plan back there. We started to plan just few weeks ahead, like ok, we have our free time, but where should we go…

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