The day of the battle for Transalpina came as we we’re trying to ride the Transalpina blocked and forbidden part – from Obarsia to Ranca.

Riding up the blocked Transalpina

Alarm rang at 4 AM as in our master plan the day before (see here: Motorcycle trip to Romania : Transalpina – to and through. Day 3), in which we determined that we will pass the blocked Transalpina before the sunrise and before anyone, who would stop us and then take us back down the road.

We didn’t waste any time for packing, we left the whole baggage in the motel room. We ate some snacks, packed warmer clothes to the bag (just in case) and rode on.

It was still dark outside when we moved on.

Motorcycle riding Transalpina at dusk

The very beginning of our ride

We were quite stressed out that we will meet with the policeman right at the first turn, after passing by the barrier on the road.

But turn after turn, after turn… And there wasn’t any sign of any human being up there. Just the snow amounts were rising  on the road sides and on the road itself.

Snow on the road at Transalpina higher parts in May

Snow on the road at Transalpina

We also thought that the road will be in worse condition, than it actually was, and we will have to return. But there were only some old snowdrifts melting slowly already. They were narrowing the passway a bit, but the road was still passable.

Snow at Transalpina in May

Transalpina narrowed by snowdrifts

There were also some road surface damages, but it seems like the road service was already dealing with those.

Demaged Transalpina in May

Some damages on the road too

The high(ths) of blocked Transalpina

We came into Transalpina highest parts just in time for the sunrise.

Snow at mountain tops at Transalpina in May

Snow everywhere at the mountains tops

Africa TWin at highest parts of Transalpina in May

A little stop to take some pictures

We chose the best place to look at the sunrise and we just enjoyed and relaxed to the moment, not worrying now about anything now really.

The view was quite uncommon.

Transalpina is a touristy place, in the season you will pass by many other cars and motorcycles. In the better spots – you will have to wait for your turn to take a picture. But now there wasn’t anyone. Just an empty road running through the hills frosted with snow and the complete silence interrupted only by the blowing wind. Dissonance between the memories of Transalpina from summer two years ago and the Transalpina in the lasting moment was quite big. Back then it was an awesome place with beautiful landscape all around, but quite crowded.
Only now it felt like a truly remote place with all the mountains’ wild charm.

Sunrise at Transalpina in snow

Sunrise at Transalpina

Africa Twin at sunrise at Transalpina in May

Taking more pictures at sunrise

Transalpina in May

Africa’s posing

Moto ADVenture at Transalpina at dawn in May

(Almost) whole DM moto adventures family ;P

When the sun totally rose above the mountains horizon we decided to came back to Obarsia as we knew that if we would wait a little more, we will for sure have to pay the ticket for staring at all enticing views of the Transalpina for too long.

It didn’t make sense for us to ride the whole blocked Transalpina part down to Ranca. We were satisfied with reaching the Transalpina highest parts.

Riding back the Transalpina to Obarsia

Riding back the Transalpina to Obarsia

Transalpina snow bath

Transalpina snow bath

riding down Transalpina from Ranca to Obarsia in May

Riding down to Obarsia

In the end of our short early morning trip we also memorialized the barriers preventing entering the Transalpina at Obarsia. As you can see this wasn’t even a challenge, if not for the policeman :P

Barriers preventing riding the Transalpina up from Obarsia to Ranca

Barriers preventing riding the Transalpina up from Obarsia to Ranca

Back to Obarsia

Brook near Transalpina entrance at Obarsia

Brook near Transalpina entrance at Obarsia

After returning to Obarsia we quickly started packing. We postponed the proper breakfast for later, expecting some bakery on the way. We wanted to relocate to Transfagarasan still this day.  Another blocked road to pass, which we didn’t no if was passable.

Packing stuff on the motorcycle

Packing Stuff On The Africa Board

Befriending the Romanian dogs once again in Obarsia

Befriending the Romanian dogs once again

From Obarsia we took road 7A to Brezoi.

Road from Obarsia to Transfagarasan

After just few kilometers of riding we noticed a lake lying beneath the road – Lacul Vidra.

View on Lake Vidra form the 7A above

View on Lake Vidra form the 7A above

As it looked quite nice and we spotted few people down at the lake coast, we decided to take a closer look.

We had to turn back a little and find a hidden gravel and mud path leading through woods, but it wasn’t too tough, though. Just a little offroad for a morning warm-up :P
When we got there we somehow regretted we had stayed fot the night at the local motel, when there was a such cool place to put up the tent!

Vidra Lake

Vidra Lake

Africa Twin at Vidra Lake

Africa chilling at Vidra Lake

But you can’t turn back time, so we just added this place to our wild camping database. Next time we will for sure pitch a tent there.

The rest of 7A is mainly a road through the common villages, but you can sometimes spot some vivid views, when Lotru river comes out of the surrounding it hills.
A good example of this is Malaia.

View on Malaia

Break at Malaia

Lotru River at Malaia

Lotru River at Malaia

We’ve also liked the Bradisor dam.

View on Bradisor

View on Bradisor

The Bradisor Dam

The Bradisor Dam

At Brezoi we drove to Talmaciu by E81 road. Right after crossing the Colonia Talmaciu we took the road 1, from which you just turn to the Cartisoara to get to the Transfagarasan 7C road.

We haven’t got much photos from this part of trip, but you can check out the whole road from Obarsia to the Transfagarasan on our video

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Distance 193 km
Road surface Asphalt all the way
Difficulty Mini Adventure