My poor old TDR was put to sleep for the winter with some long bug list to fix. Steering head bearings, brakes, cabureator, front fork, water pump sealing… The more we were taking TDR into pieces in the garage, the longer the to-do list seemed to grow. At some point I even started to laugh (through tears!) that maybe I will assemble her and bring back to the living in the next spring.

Getting TDR set without getting any service done properly was a huge no-no for me.

I prefer the do your thing right or don’t even bother attitude. So whenever there was a spare hour or two we were back at our amateur workbench.

And after hours and hours with a drill-driver, grease and camera (as we’ve documented it all – you never know where thatΒ  screw was or should go :)) – TDR’s finally ready!

Gotta test those new steering head bearings!

We’ve got her out for a little offroad test ride around the Wroclaw’s levees, where it’s permitted. It isn’t a long route, but it does the job – some grass, a little mud, stretches with gravel and sometimes tricky slips hidden in the bushes. I don’t even want to mention the ruts everywhere – they are twice as tricky for me. One false brake and me and TDR are dying right there.
Ah, the curse of being a short biker aspiring for the enduro rides… But fortunately, not this time!

We’ve made a video snippet from this super tiny adventure ride.

Nothing strange noted. The throttle works seamlessly , the steering head didn’t make a sound on any unevennes and even brakes still work after the rebuild we’ve made.

Mission spring maintenance looks acomplished.

The whole service included a:

  • Β front fork oil and the dust seal change,
  • steering head bearings replacement,
  • front and rear brake rebuild,
  • front and rear brake pump rebuild,
  • carburetor cleaning,
  • engine oil change,
  • water pump sealing replacement.

And becauseΒ we perfectly know how it is to search for the detailed maintenance informations and can’t get any anywhere:Β  all of these we hope to share soon, so it will not be forgotten.