08 Jul 2018

As we got two days of Poland national holidays extra at the beginning of May, we, the avid creatures, decided to ask for some extra leave at work and tried to get 9 work-free days in a row, just for us to go… well, to go somewhere. The decision was so off the cuff we didn’t even have a plan back there. We started to plan just few weeks ahead, like ok, we have our free time, but where should we go now? Where we will get just in 9 days by a motorbike? Austria? Slovenia? Maybe just Slovakia as time is so short…? And then we saw a photo of Transalpina in April and the decision about the travel direction was obvious – we are going to Romania, no matter what.

30 Jun 2018

My poor old TDR was put to sleep for the winter with some long bug list to fix. Steering head bearings, brakes, cabureator, front fork, water pump sealing… The more we were taking TDR into pieces in the garage, the longer the to-do list seemed to grow. At some point I even started to laugh (through tears!) that maybe I will assemble her and bring back to the living in the next spring.

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