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Motorcycle Trip Albania 2018: Through the Cetina River canyon to the Neretva wetlands #4

07 Jul 2019

After getting off the Adriatic Highway track for a bit for exploring the inland Croatia, on the 5th day of our trip to Albania we were heading back to the Adriatic Sea and to the Bosnian border. But not just by the shortest path, but by the more interesting one, which led through the Cetina River canyon, the Biokovo Nature Park, Makarska Riviera and which in the end of the day let us land on another planet – the Neretva River wetlands.

Motorcycle Trip Albania 2018: The inland Croatia #3

31 May 2019

Usually when people hear Croatia they think of the beautiful beaches with mostly pebbly shores and surrounding them mountains. Somehow everyone forgets the inland Croatia and lots of its, maybe not so full of tourists, but still worth seeing spots. So on the 4th day of our trip we left the sandy beaches of the Pag Island and got back to seddle to see some new places far off the sea.

Motorcycle trip to Romania : Transalpina – to and through. Day 3

27 Aug 2018

After forcing our way to Romania for the past 2 days, finally the time has come for the first major point of our trip. We were about to ride to and through Parâng Mountains Transalpina!
Althought, as it was May, we knew there was still snow laying up there and the road was probably damaged and not yet fixed after the winter, so we wondered how far we can go?
Also we knew that the road will be probably offcially closed, so will we have any problem to enter it above Obarsia?
But no doubts no fun. We were about to check it on our own.

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