Here we pile up and share all our knowledge on how to maintain and take care of beloved motorcycle in short and easy to read DIY motorcycle tinkering how-to articles, so that the adventure can last longer.

Latest news from the workbench

DR350 Rebuild – No spark issue: Testing the ignition coil

25 Jan 2019

When the bike won’t run, as everyone can guess, there are potentially two things that could go wrong: there’s no spark or no fuel. (Or perchance there’s no spark AND no fuel simultaneously.) Tough, establishing that there’s no spark is not sufficient to revive the dead patient. We have to dive into the motorcycle electrical system details and analyse it step by step. So let our first step in this journey be the testing of the DR ignition coil :)

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DR350S Rebuild – Buying a motorcycle for a short rider

14 Jan 2019

Since I’ve (Marta) almost finished my driving licence course for a bigger motorcycle back in November, we’ve decided it’s time to look for some suitable adventure donkey, which would fit a short rider. But still we wanted something with a more enduro feeling to it, so the problem was even more complex.
Maybe a short summary of my hurdles and findings would be useful for other experiencing the same

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DIY : Africa Twin rear shock rebuild

22 Jul 2018

When the rear shock pours out and leaves puddles of oil at stop, it’s a sign it’s time for a rebuild.
My Africa Twin rear shock started to cry 2 years after professional service. As I like tinkering myself I took care of it and prepared this DIY Africa Twin rear shock rebuild tutorial. You will only need a hammer, a screwdriver and some patience! Follow this 19 steps how-to (shopping list included!) to get brand new rear shock ;)